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Sharpsburg, GA



“I’m recharged and ready to take on the new. The Writer’s Well is an ocean of life. May God water over this space…”

Ken F, Houston, TX

“I suppse it is God’s will that I am still here at the Writer’s Well, having supposed to have left on Friday night..Due to weather conditions back East..I am still in Georgia…I really love The Writer’s Well. I love my room, my solitude (for the most part.) It is unlike my experience at another woman writer’s retreat….there is more of a social component to the experience (here.) I am grateful Adilah makes it clear that you should not be apologetic about going to your room and shutting the door. ...I can never repay...for the time I have spent in this wonderful place – for the time I have been given to finish my book – away from the hustle and bustle of my life in New York. So if I can share something that may be of value to The Writer’s Well, then it is my honor. ..I was sharing with my oldest daughter last night that what has been great about my stay has been that I’ve had the space in my brain for new thoughts and ideas to occur to me. Things are coming to me in this open setting that did not have the space to come to me in New York. ..To this end, I have added The Writer’s Well to the credits in my book…I hope to pitch and write a story about The Writer’s Well. So that other women will learn about it and come.”

Yvette H, New York


“Thanks so much for your guidance, hospitality and support. ..I’ve been overusing the word “perfect” during my stay. I feel rejuvenated by my time here and that’s exactly what I was in search of. Little did I know I’d also get to enjoy the nature preserve that is this neighborhood. This morning there were turkey in the backyard! I’ve also seen more birds than I can count including a flicker and blue jays the size of robins. I now know where to come to find a comfortable and quiet home away from home – and just a short drive at that.”

Carrie O, Decatur, GA

“I know that I came here to breathe, to release and to hear. I thank you for creating and opening up this space to me. The community of people that I have come in contact with while at The Writer’s Well have touched the deepest parts of me. They are wise, they are creative, they are vulnerable and they are warriors in their crafts....I am humbled and appreciative of the time I’ve spent here. As I journey on, I’ll walk a li’l lighter and I’ll listen.”

Ash Tai, New York

“Being here at The Writer’s Well in the company of talented, creative, dedicated people, having shared thoughts, concerns, deepest fears and aspirations, I have discovered a path that I can travel with confidence and passion. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Marineh, Pasadena, CA

“Love what you’ve created here. A wonderful and beautiful space conducive for writing. …Thank you immensely for providing and encouraging my continued journey which needed a jumpstart…Now for the first time I have grasped setting aside large blocks of time with positive forethought in order to open the flood gates of being a channel or instrument in the wonderful career of writing. Whether I’m writing a song, a story, an article or a poem, this experience has given me the practical use of our own laboratory and knowing or recognizing the proper environment and writing mentor(s).”

DiLee, Los Angeles, CA


“Ahhh…My ‘well’ runneth over with inspiration, creativity, and      accomplishment!! It has been one of my most restorative weeks… exactly what I needed…serene surroundings, solitude, and an energy …to make me feel totally at home.”

    Barbara C, Oceanside, CA

“Timing is everything! Being in tuned with the seasons of your life allows timing to fulfill its mandated destiny in your life. This was an appointed time of rest, of letting go and trusting that God has everything under control.”

Terra R, African American Women in Cinema, New York

“I found tremendous healing, solace and creativity from the depths of The Writer’s Well!...I am walking on the right path in my journey as a writer. …I am ever grateful for your company in Writer’s Retreat-dom and the serenity of the surrounding trees and nature. Gracious.”

Norma B, Puerto Rico

“My stay has provided the setting I needed. I didn’t write a screenplay or a book, but I wrote. A LOT! I also soaked up the sounds, smells, textures and breathtaking vistas as my feet pounded pavement and dirt running through Sharpsburg’s backroads. …Though I myself am quite decidedly unlinear in my approach and the fruits of my labor are perhaps intangible, rest assured seeds have been planted!

Jana B, Santa Monica, CA


“This was precisely the kind of home-away-from-home- without all the distractions of home that I needed…a quiet, calm, and cozy place to hole up and write, write, write. I’ve made enormous progress on my book’s manuscript, in terms of actual pages and increased conceptual clarity, and I couldn’t have done it without this precious (and all too rare!) time to reflect and dig deep.”

Joanna D, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

“Thank you for setting me on my way, researching my journals.”

Alpha B, Chicago, IL

“Under your initial guidance, followed by the quiet time to read, relax, reflect and write was important to me in moving my book concept forward. I feel as if I have made a lot of progress….And what a lovely setting!..I’m looking forward to visiting The Writer’s Well again!”

Jean C, Savannah, GA

“I enjoyed my stay..”

Venus J, Tampa, FL

“From the moment I stepped off the plane and was greeted…and safely delivered home to stepping inside, I have felt love, peace, tranquility and serenity engulfed with inspiration all around me.”

Lynne C, Los Angeles, CA

“The Writer’s Well was a very productive and motivating experience…My time here will always be treasured in my heart.”

Emily C, Cummings, GA


“Thank you for providing a quiet haven away from it all. Fresh air and the woods soothe frazzled nerves. The Writer’s Well provides a calm environment where one can focus on work that needs to be done. Peaceful and restful. Ahhhh…..”

Phil S, Pasadena, CA

“Thank you Adilah for providing The Writer’s Well to me at this particular time of year where reflections are a must. I needed a space that would allow time for writing. The Writer’s Well was nurturing ad peaceful. Happy New Year!”

Lahiny P, Lawrenceville, GA

“Thank you so much for your hospitality!”

Robin, Iowa

“It was wonderful having your space to write and think. …Your exercises were extremely helpful. This stay has taken some interesting twists and turns. “

Elaine R, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

“My stay was refreshing, rejuvenating, healing and inspiring. Upon my return, I   will be working on the children’s book we spoke of.”

Vanessa A, Sand Springs, OK

“I am so blessed by my time at The Writer’s Well. It has truly lived up to its name. I have had to lower my water pots several times and go deeper each time in order to reach the ‘good stuff.’”

Diane L. Lewis, Indianapolis, IN


“I enjoy every time I am around…”

Charles C, Atlanta, GA

“I always have the best of times!”

Hasifa R, College Park, GA

“Until next time..”

Barbara W, Atlanta, GA

“Thank you for sharing a little bit of Heaven with me (and all who come the The   Writers’ Well.) Thank you for allowing us to quench our thirst for peace, tranquility, and love! For it is all here!”

Florence LaRue (The 5th Dimension) Encino, CA

“Blessed with this home, inside and out…”

Ariana N, Los Angeles, CA

“I came here fully expecting quiet, calm, serenity, and a quiet space to allow my creativity to flow. I was not disappointed. And what is more, I got more, much more…Thank you for …patiently prodding me to open up. The result, I think, is a book in the making…I’m glad I chose this retreat and perhaps I will be back. I am recommending The Writer’s Well to others who may also want to kickstart their dream of writing, but also those who may just want a space of peace and serenity for themselves.”

Anna B, Accra, Ghana


“My stay here at The Writer’s Well culminates a most blessed journey South. And as Nina Simone sings through the walls of The Well, we take our leave, nourished and blessed by the waters of the well.”

Marcia E, Washington, DC

“I must confess this has been an experience I don’t think I will ever forget! It just gave me an opportunity to relax, and the very serene atmosphere just took me over into another world.”… It does remind me of the Aburi Mountains in Ghana. …I would like to say a big THANK YOU for opening up The Writer’s Well for us to stay and experience it all.”

Kwasi, Ghana

“The retreat evokes the word “serenity.” In fact, we named one of the rooms The Serenity Room when I was there. This is truly a place to not only write, but to invigorate the soul and truly move ‘onward and upward.’”

Gayle W, Atlanta, GA

“The Writer’s Well helped me to find my voice as a writer. It was a transformational adventure. The ancestors would be proud!”

Aura B, Principal, Jenny Lind Elementary School,  Minneapolis, MN

        “Serenity Southern-style, truly a landscape for the soul, mind and body…A place where you can let your mind just drift away underneath the tall trees.”

        Calvin B, Longmont, Colorado

”This haven, retreat, home, is a loving and artistic place, surrounded by nature, which is truly inspiring. It ignites creativity, serenity, completeness….The artists that are attracted to your retreat appreciate its many magical qualities that inspire one to grow, create and manifest hidden talents and re-energize existing ones. “

Zorana E, Las Vegas, Nevada

“What a paradise! I have truly grown spiritually and professionally. The people who have passed through The Writer’s Well are incredible….”

Mzuri M, Hollywood, FL

“I shall cherish my experience here like a precious jewel, which I shall take out   on special occasions.”

Michael Angel Johnson, Professor, New York University

“I have been able to write peacefully without the distractions of everyday life. I now have my memoir and am on my way.”

Sue Paoletti, Los Angeles, CA

“You have constructed a safe haven out here…this trip has been a place where I can ‘water my dreams, feed my imagination, and let hope blossom.’ Some of my fondest memories include chasing after the ice cream truck, … (and) watching large raindrops fall from the sky in the meditation room.”

Yazmin W, Toluca Lake, CA


“Most of all, I felt ‘at home.’”

Charli S, Oakland, CA

“(The Writer’s Well)…has the allure to entice one to remain onsite. I’m certain that many who retreat to hone their skills will want to return again and again for the sheer pleasure of being one with their craft and nature, Georgia-style.”

Al S, Los Angeles, CA

“My stay…was like going to a retreat in the woods. Serene, peaceful, beautiful…”

Sylvia W, Oakland, CA

“A calming experience with the windows open and the breeze coming through. Just wonderful…You could hear nature.”

Selma P, Duncanville, TX

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